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How to Use Track and Change Option to Edit Academic Essay?

Editing an essay using the "Track Changes" feature in Microsoft Word can be a helpful way to make and review edits in Custom essay writing while keeping a record of changes. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Open your Document:Launch Microsoft Word and open the essay document you want to edit to attain the goal of an A Plus custom essay writing.

Enable "Track Changes"

Go to the "Review" tab in the toolbar at the top of the personalized essay writing document. In the "Tracking" group, you'll see the "Track Changes" button. Click on it to enable the feature. Once activated, any edits you make will be highlighted and recorded.

Edit the Document

Now, make your edits to the essay as you normally would. You can buy essay help from a cheap custom essay writing service You can insert, delete, or modify text, change formatting, and make other revisions.

Review Edits

As a skilled essay writer, you'll notice that any additions you make will appear underlined and in a 100% original and authentic different colour, while deleted text will appear struck through. Comments and annotations can also be added using the "New Comment" button in the "Comments" group under the "Review" tab. This is especially useful for giving feedback and explanations about your best essay writing edits.

Accept or Reject Changes

To accept or reject changes made by yourself or others (if you're reviewing someone else's edits), university essay writers can use the "Accept" and "Reject" buttons in the "Changes" group under the "Review" tab. This allows you to either apply the edit or revert to the previous version.

Navigating Changes

The "Previous" and "Next" buttons in the "Changes" group help you navigate through the document to review each edit or comment.

Customize Tracking Options

If you want to customize how tracked changes are displayed, you can go to "Advanced Options" in the "Track Changes" dropdown menu. Here, you can choose different colours for edits, control how insertions and deletions are displayed, and more.

Final Review

After you've reviewed and made edits using "Track Changes," you can either keep them in the document or accept/reject them as needed. It's a good practice to review the document with all changes visible to ensure that you haven't missed any revisions or comments.

Turn Off "Track Changes"

When you're done with the editing process and want to finalize the document, buy essay help from experts with cheap writing deals who go back to the "Review" tab and click the "Track Changes" button again to turn it off.

Save the Document

Save the edited document with a new name or version number to preserve the original version with changes tracked.

Using the "Track Changes" feature in Microsoft Word makes it easier to collaborate on essays, review feedback, and keep a record of revisions. It's a valuable tool for writers and editors to maintain transparency and clarity during the editing process.


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